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Advisory Board

Local Chapter and Regional Group Committee
Goal: Promote networking opportunities for enterprise architecture professionals at local meetings and events.

Knowledge Management Architecture Committee
Goal: Develop and communicate industry standards for Knowledge Management Architecture. Provide case studies, research and other information to help assist industry advancement.

Thought Capital Committee
Goal: Identify, create and share information via EACommunity. Information resources include web links, articles, reports, research, analyst reports, case studies, and all other unbiased sources of information.

Metrics and Skills Committee
Goal: Compile, consolidate, and communicate standards for demonstrated performance and appropriate quantitative measures.

Steering Committee
The Steering Committee is responsible for the overall direction and administration of EACommunity. Committee members are:
- George S. Paras, VP & Service Director, Enterprise Architecture Strategies Service, META Group
- Iris Fliegelman, Community Advocate Manager, EACommunity

Further german information can be found here.