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Read the Following Enterprise Architecture Articles:

New University project on the development of a hardware side. Useful Informarmationen about the history of the computer. Also playable games to provide the entertainment.

Three Models for Your Storage Architecture
Adhanda Enterprises
Rob Melloy, an industry expert, discusses strategy for selecting network storage technology and storage options.. Read this article

Five Reasons To Consider A Workflow Solution
Adhanda Enterprises
Learn how the effective automation of workflow is a key factor in creating competitive advantage.. Read this article

Inter-enterprise Management” Merges Three Hot Trends
Adhanda Enterprises
Learn how combining idle workstations into supercomputers saves millions of dollars in new hardware costs and has created a new industry.. Read this article

Maximizing Your Enterprise Architecture
Adhanda Enterprises
Learn how combining idle workstations into supercomputers saves millions of dollars in new hardware costs and has created a new industry.. Read this article

Hi, My Name Is ‘Shark’ And I’ll Be Your Server
Adhanda Enterprises
What has sharp teeth, swims in the ocean, and provides openness and interoperability across mixed computing environments?. Read this article

Do You Need an SCM System? Exclusive
Supply chain management, coupled with ERP, can provide optimal courses of action in the business environment.. Read this article

XML: What’s the Standard? Exclusive
Everyone’s talking about XML as the panacea for application integration ills. Why hasn’t it happened yet?. Read this article

Looking Back on the Y2K Nonevent Exclusive
Y2K was a universal calamity waiting to happen, but persistent public and private efforts made it a nonstarter. As we approach the real millennium, read about the few glitches that did occur.. Read this article

Linux: “Still Rules Servers” Exclusive
Can companies still ride the Linux wave, as the rules change for B2C internet servers?. Read this article

Considering an ASP Exclusive
Are hosted apps the answer for your organization? Here are some of the trade-offs you should consider.. Read this article

M-Commerce Exclusive
Is mobile commerce the Next Big Thing or the Next Big Hype?. Read this article

The Five Engines of eCR-Marketing Exclusive
Understanding and installing the five engines that drive electronic customer relation marketing.. Read this article

What is Multidimensional Data? Exclusive
A straightforward, inituitive explanation of relational and multidimensional database design. Read this article

LAN's Bright Future Exclusive
Could industry pundits be right - will LAN telephony be the network architecture of the future? Read this article

Architecting The Customer In Exclusive
Discussion of how to develop a single, analysis-ready view of each customer’s experience via a CRM data mart. Read this article

Enterprise Architecture Best Practices Exclusive
Ten pointers on achieving enterprise-wide acceptance of your enterprise architecture plan and implementation. Read this article

Optimizing eCommerce Architecture Exclusive
Advice on how to avoid common errors in site security and testing when faced with a compressed site launch. Read this article

Uncle Sam’s Seven-Step Enterprise Architecture Model Exclusive
A concise summary of the government's seven-step Technical Architecture Framework For Information Management. Read this article

Next-Generation Business Intelligence: Six Requirements Exclusive
Summary of a Hewlett-Packard study provides the six requirements for deploying closed loop business intelligence applications that bridge ERP applications and data warehouses. Read this article

SAN or NAS? Exclusive
Get the definitions of SAN and NAS and find out how to use these network solutions to store data cost-effectively. Read this article

ERP Integration Strategies Exclusive
This article provides four strategies for optimal integration of ERP solutions with company data warehouses. Read this article

Information Agile Companies Close The Loop Exclusive
The success of many organizations is based on an enterprise architecture that lets the firm leverage information technology for strategic advantage. Read this article and learn the three characteristics of "information agile" companies Read this article

Managing the Complexity of an IT Environment
by Mary Meadows, Director of Architecture, NCR
Managing the complexity of today's IT environments can be a challenge. This article proposes an approach for facilitating interoperability through the use of Synchronization (Sync) Points. Read this article

LAN Toasts PBX Exclusive
Communications server technology will become the product of choice over the next several years. This article discusses the future of LAN technology adoption. Read this article

IT Labor Recruitment: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff
by Curtis Schmidt, Marketing Director,
The proliferation of the dot.coms and technology services has added thousands of new businesses and jobs to our economy. Yet many professionals have gained their expertise from means other than traditional collegiate training. This article explains how to use an on-line, automated qualification process to separate qualified professionals from the "wannabes." Read this article

Web Apps Exclusive
How should Web applications figure into your overall enterprise architecture? This article reviews some of the pros and cons of web-based apps. Read this article

Creating An Architectural Vision: Collecting Input
by Ruth Malan and Dana Bredemeyer, Bredemeyer Consulting
Article describes how to use the innovative technique of "Desired State Interviews" to gather information from key influencers and get effective buy-in on new architecture development. Read this article

Connected Enterprise Architecture Components Exclusive
Quick review of the six basic building blocks of enterprise architecture: technology infrastructure, transaction processing infrastructure, integrating technology (data warehousing), decision process management, analytical applications, information and knowledge delivery services. Read this article

Corporate Portals: The Bandwagon's Running Exclusive
Are corporate portals really the next killer app? Read this interesting synopsis of expert opinion and experience on using corporate portals as the key entry points into enterprise-wide information. Read this article

Can't We All Just Get Along? An IT Strategy Success Story Exclusive
"Corporate IT is a rat's nest of complexity." Yet corporate IT needs to provide cost-effective, business-oriented service to the organization. Find out how the CTO of an office products distributor transformed a "rat's nest" of hardware and software into a new, effective and unified enterprise architecture. Read this article

The Role of the Architect
by Ruth Malan and Dana Bredemeyer, Bredemeyer Consulting
More organizations have created the role of Software Architect, recognizing that creating and deploying an architecture demands special talents and focus. However, any experienced architect knows that the role involves not just these technical activities, but also political, strategic and consultative responsibilities. This article outlines the 4 domains of competency -- technological, business strategy, organizational politics and consultative -- required for achieving and sustaining senior management roles in enterprise architecture. Read this article

Integrating Banking Enterprise Architecture for CRM Exclusive
Enterprise architecture is swiftly becoming a major consideration for the success of banks and other financial institutions. Banks are strategically changing focus from product-centric to customer-centric enterprises. Learn how banks are developing and investing in electronic customer relationship management IT strategies. Read this article

Software Architecture Action Guide
by Ruth Malan and Dana Bredemeyer, Bredemeyer Consulting
This article provides an introduction to the discipline of software architecture, focusing on identifying the key areas in architecture, and conveys the steps essential to creating a successful architecture an action-oriented manner. Read this article

A Word on Semantics: Data, Information, Knowledge, Insight
by E. L. Mosshamer, Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
A quick read on how shared definitions of key data-related terms, and a common understanding of the processes and products that are critical to designing effective data structures. Discusses the relationship and differences between data, information, knowledge and insight. Read this article

Enterprise Architecture: The Executive Advantage Exclusive
What is enterprise architecture? Articles addresses the four interrelated architectures that make up enterprise architecture, and the five basic components of the typical enterprise architecture framework. Read this article

Don't Get "Snowballed" by Scope Creep
by Glenn Gilmore, Cotelligent, Inc.
Short article from Contains a list of 7 considerations designed to help you prevent scope creep early in a project. Read this article

Wanted: I.T. Leaders Exclusive
The I.T. industry is suffering from an acute labor shortage. Talented workers are hard to find. Recruiting and retaining skilled professionals is becoming more and more of a challenge. All this is old news, right? In its obsession with the labor shortage, the I.T. industry may be overlooking the one thing that could go a long way toward minimizing the problem - leadership training. Read this article

IT Architecture - Where, What, Why?
by Clyde Miner, Logicon
Want to Have Some Fun? Ask an Information Technology executive about the corporate data topology. Huh? Ask about the value-added business mappings for each IT piece part. Say what? Finally, ask to see the enterprise’s operational process model. Game, set, and match. Read this article

Elements Of An Architecture Review
by Mark Royce, NCR
Within an application development process, an Architecture Specification can be used to effectively communicate necessary information about the technology/application solution and its specific release. This is to ensure its fit within the current and planned enterprise business systems environment. Read this article

The Making Of A Successful Enterprise Technical Architecture
by Mehrdad Foroozesh, Ph. D., Sprint Paranet
A few months ago, I decided to research and identify the key elements that help IT strategies, and more specifically, Enterprise Technical Architecture (ETA) initiatives, succeed. My goal was to identify the critical success factors, as well as common mistakes, that lead to project budget overruns, delays, and major failures. Read this article

Technology Purchase Decisions
by E.L. Mosshamer, The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
When requests for technology purchases are weighed, we are faced with the task of determining the validity and efficacy of the request, both for itself and within the larger framework of the organization’s mission. The purpose of this paper is to frame questions that will provide a structure for continuity and accountability in the technology purchase decision process. Read this article

Component-Oriented Enterprise Application Integration For The 21st Century
by Mike Foody, Visual Edge
With components (in the broad sense) so ubiquitous in today’s enterprise, it’s surprising to discover that "modern" application integration is actually pretty old fashioned—most of it is data-oriented, rather than component-oriented. What are the benefits of component-oriented application integration? A historical perspective turns out to be very enlightening. Read this article

Component-Oriented Enterprise Application Integration For The 21st Century
The market for ERP packages has slumped, possibly because such packages are costly, difficult to implement and a struggle to maintain. ASPs provide a viable alternative to those who can't be bothered with ERP. Read this article

E*Trade Fiasco Teaches a Lesson About New Testing Methods
Recent system crashes, including the fiasco that crippled E*Trade's computers in 1999, may have temporarily tarnished the reputation of the online trading industry. But it taught everyone in e-commerce an important lesson about the importance of constant, live testing. Read this article

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